Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)

ZingHR is a complete Human Resource management system (HRMS) that empowers decisions and boosts productivity. From recruiting to hiring. ZingHR provides organized tracking and instant access to critical employee data. Employees, administrators and executives all benefit from the improved productivity and informed decision making derived from proper access to HR data.

Time and Attendance

Integrate with multiple Time capturing devices including Biometric devices, Mobile Tracking, Manager Attendance System. Roster & Shift Management, automatic overtime calculations.

Payroll and Compliance

Our innovative 'Payroll Cockpit' gives a 360 degree view of all Employee related expenses and helps make informed decisions to ensure Statutory Compliance, Governance and Timeliness. Maker-Checker and early warning system ensures data accuracy and integrity.

Performance Management

Enable employees to maximise performance. Goals, KRA, Competencies, 360 degree Appraisals are all now available at your fingertips.

Web Portal and Mobile Apps

Online access to all company policies, forms and templates. Allows employees to apply for Leaves, update and view their personal records, pay-slips etc..

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